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Tech Tip: Can 4D import a CSV file?
Published On: April 3, 2007

CSV (comma-separated values) file format is a file type that stores tabular data. As its name states, the comma character is used to separate fields or values. Although 4D's documentation does not clearly state the support of this format, its import feature is flexible enough to allow data from this file type to be imported into 4D. Here is how to do it:

  1. In User Mode, select File->Import->From File...

  2. Select the CSV file from the open file dialog. NOTE: Make sure to set "All Files". On the Mac this is done on the "Enable" field. On Windows this is done in the "Files of type" field.

  3. The import dialog should now be displayed. Click on the Delimiters tab. For the "End of Field" section, select comma from the popup drop down list. After doing this, the bottom pane of the import dialog should now display the soon to be imported fields and values.

  4. At this point, if you verified the number of columns is correct, you can then click on the import button.

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