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Tech Tip: Transport your database
Published On: December 1, 1998

If transporting your databases between Macintosh and Windows platforms can be as convenient as a simple drag & drop. 4D Transporter stores its setting in the application itself. This simple fact allows a user to configure two copies of 4D Transporter with different predefined functions. For example, to configure 4D Transporter to automatically transport a Macintosh database for use on the Windows Platform:
1) Make a copy of 4D Transporter.
2) Change the name to describe what action 4D Transporter will perform.
3) Launch 4D transporter by double clicking on it. It should display a dialog box. (If it does not display a dialog box, hold down the option key before double clicking on it.)
4) Define the settings. In this case:
- Set "Mac to PC" and "Make a copy first" to true.
- Set "Give a DOS file name" and "Show preferences" to false.
5) Click on the Store Settings button to retain these settings.
6) Click on the Quit button.
Transporting your Macintosh database over to Windows couldn't be simpler. Just drag your database onto 4D Transporter, it will launch, automatically transport your database, and quit. For additional information on 4D Transporter, read the 4D Transporter Reference Guide which can be found on the 4D Product CD-ROM.