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Tech Tip: Breaking the log file loop in
Published On: January 1, 1999

If you use the Mandatory Log File feature with the plug-in version of 4D Backup, it is possible to get into a loop that will prevent you from using your database. This situation occurs when there is no current log file for the database. The Mandatory Log File feature will disable the database until a new log file is created. In order to create the new log file, you must do a full backup of the database. The problem is that you can't implement a full backup because the Mandatory Log File feature prevents the use of the database. Here's how to break out of the loop. First, you must create a new data file. This can be done either by launching the structure file and "forcing" the Open Dialog Box to appear (by holding down the option key on the Macintosh or the Alt key on Windows). 4D will display a dialog requesting that you open an existing data file, or that you create a new data file. After creating a new data file, go to the design environment and disable the Mandatory Log File feature in the Database Properties dialog. This will allow you to open your original data file and complete a full backup, as well as create a new log file.