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Tech Tip: Moving Quick Reports across platforms
Published On: March 11, 1999

Many times a developer uses 4th Dimension to create cross platform database applications. Sometimes they will need to move quick reports from one platform to the other. (ie: Macintosh to Windows or Windows to Macintosh) Here's how you accomplish this:

Moving from Macintosh to Windows:

  1. Save or rename the Quick Report with a file name ending in ".4QR"
  2. Copy this file to the Windows computer
  3. Open the Quick Report Editor and then open the saved Quick Report file you just copied

Moving from Windows to Macintosh:

  1. Save the Quick Report to a file. (4D should automatically add the ".4QR" file extension
  2. Copy this file to the Macintosh computer
  3. Change the file type and creator code of the file to:

    File Type: 4DSE
    Creator Code: 4D06
    You could use a resource editor such as ResEdit to do this, or try the new 4D version 6 commands. Below you will find an example of code that can accomplish this for you. Please note that this code uses the 4D Pack command AP Select document.