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Tech Tip: Choosing windows for the Windows platform
Published On: March 25, 1999

If you are converting a Macintosh database for use on the Windows platform, there are differences in the interface standards that should be kept in mind.
For example, on the Windows platform, the interface guidelines state that all windows should have a title bar. In 4th Dimension, for the sake of compatibility, all the window types that you can open on Macintosh can also be opened on Windows. However, to make your application acceptable to Windows users, you should follow the Windows interface guidelines. This means that you should refrain from using the window types that do not have a title bar: types 1, 2, and 3.
Other interface differences are worth studying if you wish your application to have an authentic look on each platform. For example, in the standard "Save changes" dialog, the buttons are arranged in a different sequence from left-to-right:
On Macintosh, the buttons are: Don't Save, Cancel, Save.
On Windows, the buttons are: Yes, No, Cancel.
The best reference for information on the Windows interface is: "The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design," published by Microsoft Press, 1995. This book is well worth reading to help you understand how to create applications that follow the interface that Windows users are accustomed to.