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Tech Tip: Using a Spelling Checker with 4D Write v6.5
Published On: September 24, 1999

4D Write v6.5 has built in features to include the use of a spelling checker with your database. There's a two step process to set up a spelling checker.

Specify the Spelling Checker and Dictionary

In a 4D Write area choose Preferences from the File menu. In the Preferences dialog select the "Spellchecking" tab. From this tab, locate the spelling checker you plan to use. 4D does not have a built-in spelling checker and dictionary. However, you may use a third party checker and dictionary such as Microsoft's, provided you have a license to do so. Once the spelling checker is set, define the specific dictionary to use. 4D Write should now be ready to perform spell checking.

Using the Spelling Checker in a 4D Write Document.

You can check an entire 4D Write document by inserting the cursor anywhere within the document itself. If you want to check a specific selection, then select the part of the document you wish to check.

From the Tools menu choose Spelling. This will launch the spelling checker and it's dialog box. When the checker reaches a questionable word there are several different actions which can be performed.

  1. Ignore: Continues checking the document leaving the word unchanged.
  2. Ignore all: Continues checking the document leaving the word any other occurrences of that word unchanged.
  3. Change: The questionable word is replaced with the suggested correction. You may manually enter the suggested change if the default suggestion is not appropriate.
  4. Change All: All occurrences of the questionable word are changed to the suggested correction.
  5. Add: The questionable word is added to the dictionary.

Note: It is strongly suggested that you know, and comply with, the licensing policies related to any spelling checker that you use within 4D Write v6.5.