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Tech Tip: IT_MacTCPInit FAQ
Published On: September 24, 1999

With the introduction of 4D 6.5, came a plug-in called "4D Internet Commands" that provides access to the internet protocols. One of the commands in 4D Internet Commands is IT_MacTCPInit. IT_MacTCPInit is used on the Macintosh to load the parts of the Macintosh OS responsible for networking with TCP into memory. IT_MacTCPInit needs to be executed on the Macintosh before any other part of 4D Internet Commands is used.

Unique side effect: Assuming that a Macintosh computer is connecting to the internet via a Modem, the IT_MacTCPInit command will cause the Macintosh OS to try to connect to the internet. This attempt to connect to the internet is executed by the Macintosh OS and not by the 4D Internet Commands plug-in. This side effect does not exist on a Windows machine.

4D Internet Commands does not have a similar command to IT_MacTCPInit for Windows. TCP/IP is loaded as a part of the operating system on startup.

Note: There is no command that will disconnect the computer from the internet.