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Tech Tip: Specifying the network path for the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Published On: September 24, 1999

When you are installing the ODBC Driver for 4D Server, you are asked to provide some basic Setup information: what to name the ODBC Data Source, your username, password, etc. Some of this information is optional, however you must enter the Network Path for the 4D Server.

The Help File for the ODBC Driver states that you can either enter the Network Path manually, or click the "Browse" button to choose a 4D Server from a dialog box. The dialog box you see is the standard 4D Network Component "Choose Server" box. Once you have chosen the server, the Network Path information is entered into the ODBC Driver Setup dialog box for you.

The Help File then says "DO NOT MODIFY MANUALLY the Network Path" if you have used the "Browse" button to specify it. However, you may need to ignore this directive. Certain applications (for instance, Seagate Crystal Reports) do not work well with the Network Path that is entered for you when you click the "Browse" button. In this case, you will need to either manually modify the Network Path (!) , or just enter it manually to begin with.

Please read the Help File for the ODBC Driver for specifics on manually entering the Network Path for AppleTalk, TCP/IP, and IPX.