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Tech Tip: 4D Licensing & the Windows Registry
Published On: October 22, 1999

With the advent of 4D 6.5, the license numbers for the Microsoft Windows versions of most 4D Products are now stored in the Windows Registry. What happens, though, when you switch computers and want to bring your 4D environment with you? You might think that you would have to laboriously re-enter all your 4D License Numbers. Fortunately, that isn't the case. There is a quick and easy technique for transporting your license numbers from one machine to another.

To copy your license numbers from one machine to another, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the "Start" Menu, choose "Run..." and type "regedit". This will launch the Windows Registry Editor. The Registry is then displayed.
  3. Expand SOFTWARE
  4. Click on 4D to select it
  5. While the 4D registry is selected, go to the "Registry" menu and choose "Export Registry File."
  6. In the "Export Registry File" dialog box which appears, make sure that the "Selected branch" radio button is chosen. The branch name is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  7. Make the exported file (name it what you like) available somehow to the machine you wish to copy the license numbers to. Do this by either putting the file on a floppy disk, putting it on a networked volume, etc.
  8. On the "new" machine, again launch the Registry Editor.
  9. From the "Registry" menu, choose "Import Registry File..." and select the file that you created in Step 6.

That's it; the registry on the "new" machine now has all the license numbers of your old machine.