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Tech Tip: Debugging ODBC applications - use Tracing
Published On: July 6, 2007
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The ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows has a feature called "Tracing", which allows for the logging of all ODBC calls to text file. Here is a screenshot of the dialog:

This log file will include each and every call made into the ODBC driver, with parameter values (including constants) as well as return codes. Here is an example of a call to the SQLSetStmtAttr function:

4D   9a4-9a8   ENTER SQLSetStmtAttr
               SQLHSTMT 01112000
               SQLPOINTER 0x00000001
               SQLINTEGER 0

This log can prove quite useful when debugging ODBC applications. To enable the log:

  • Launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator.
  • Click on the "Tracing" tab.
  • Click the button labeled "Start Tracing Now".

Be sure to make note of the location of the log file. Also note that the log file can grow quite large so it is a good idea to delete it from time to time.