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Tech Tip: Use GET 4D FOLDER to always point to 4D environment folders
Published On: August 15, 2007

Use GET 4D FOLDER to always have access to 4D environment folders.

For example, if you have external files that you want to share with clients, you would put them in your Extras folder.

When the client downloads this folder, it ends up in a location that may not be obvious. The string returned in GET 4D FOLDER will ensure that your code will always be pointing to the correct location of the Extras folder regardless of user or system.

Using this command also comes in handy if you happen to move your database to a different folder or build an application. Merged applications create a new Extras folder in a new location.

You can also use GET 4D FOLDER to get paths to other environmental folders as needed. See GET 4D FOLDER for more information.