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Tech Tip: Using picture pop-up menus to display a picture
Published On: November 19, 1999

It is possible to use a Picture Pop-up Menu to just display a picture. In the example database ‘Color Picker’, a Picture Pop-up Menu is used to display what pattern was used. Color Picker has a form that contains a bunch of pictures representing different patterns. On top of each pattern is a Picture Pop-up Menu. These Picture Pop-up Menus are assigned a value of 0 when the window is opened and will not display a value (a picture) till the Picture Pop-up Menu has been assigned to another value.

The picture above shows the form displaying a tech tip for the Picture Pop-up Menu telling the user that they can click on the pattern to see which pattern was used.

If the user clicks on the pattern, they are clicking on a Picture Pop-up Menu which displays a picture.

When the user release the mouse, the Picture Pop-up Menu will normally display the picture the user just clicked on. In this instance, it was the intention of the programmer is not to display the contents of picture the user clicked on but to continue displaying form as is. The value of the Picture Pop-up Menu was set to 0 in the Picture Pop-up Menu’s object method. By setting to 0, the Picture Pop-up Menu to not display anything. The code could look like this:

vPicture_Popup_Menu1:=0 .