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Tech Tip: Building a demo application with 4D Runtime Volume Light License
Published On: August 8, 2007
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The "4D Runtime Volume Light License" allows developers to deploy a demo version of their single-user, merged application.

This license is included as part of 4D Developer Edition. The "4D Runtime Volume License" software can be downloaded via the 4D Downloads webpage:

The 4D Runtime Volume License software is used for all 4D Runtime Volume License types. I.e. the same software is used for "4D Runtime Volume Professional License", "4D Runtime Volume Sponsored License", as well as "4D Runtime Volume Light License".

For more information on building double-clickable applications see the 4D Design Reference, Chapter 15: Building Final Applications. You can download the Design Reference from the documentation downloads page:

(Note that the application will be limited in how many records the user can enter into the database. The limit is 202 records for each table).