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Tech Tip: Customizing the Explorer's command help
Published On: November 24, 1999

The help information that appears in the 4D v6.5 Explorer's "Commands" page is contained in a special help file. On Windows NT, this document is named "4D Help.RSR" and is located in the Winnt\ACI Folder. On Windows 98 and Windows 95, the "4D Help.RSR" document is located in the Windows\ACI Folder. On Macintosh, this document is named "4D Help" and is located in the System Folder: ACI Folder.

You can open this file up in a resource-editing application (such as ResEdit for the Macintosh) and customize the help text for the commands. You can add your own comments, such as "I don't want to use this command anymore, because my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend used it a lot, and it reminds me of her/him."

If you've used ResEdit to edit the help file on Macintosh, you can use 4D Transporter to convert the file for use on Windows. To transport a non-database file, hold down the Command key while clicking the "Move" button in the Transporter dialog. This conversion results in two files. The file named 4D_Help.DTA" is not needed. The file named "4D_Help.RSR" needs to be renamed "4D Help.RSR" and copied to the proper location on your Windows computer.

If you choose to customize this help file, you should make a backup copy of it, because a subsquent reinstall of a 4D application might replace it with the non-customized version. If a revised version of the help file is included in a later version of 4D, you would have to manually copy your custom notes from the old file to the new file. Or you could create a 4D database that stores your custom help comments, and uses 4D's resource commands to append them to the information in the help file.