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Tech Tip: Table naming tips
Published On: April 9, 1999

In 4th Dimension V6, a table name can be a maximum of 31 characters long. The 4D naming conventions are described in the "Identifiers" section of Chapter 2 in the 4D Language Reference manual (page 89 in the printed version, page 92 in the current Adobe Acrobat version.)

If you anticipate the possibility of future expansion where you might move the database backend to a larger-scale database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, you can make that transition easier by following their naming conventions in your 4D database tables and fields:

  • Your table and field names should be a maximum of 30 characters long.
  • Your safest bet is to restrict the characters used to the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9, and underscore character _.
  • Do not use word spaces in these names - use the underscore instead.

By following these conventions, your ventures into connectivity will be made easier. For example, you'll be able to clone your tables in an Oracle or MS SQL Server database without naming conflicts. It can also help avoid problems when accessing a 4D database from an ODBC-compliant application through the .