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Tech Tip: Consider Web clients
Published On: April 9, 1999

If some of your users need fairly simple access to your 4D database, if you have a single-user V6 database which other people very occasionally need to access, or if you have users wanting dial-in access to your database, consider providing them with a Web connection. Both 4D Server V6 and 4D V6 come with a license for 5 simultaneous users, and more can be added quite easily.

While the capabilities of web browsers limit the complexity of the interface you can present through a browser, for many applications a simple interface is just fine, and it has a number of advantages over a client connection:

Web connections impose a considerably lighter load on the server and the network than a 4D client connection does. This is a particularly useful attribute if your server is supporting a larger number of users. If you connect the users that only need to perform simple data entry and the like through Web connections, the server's performance should be better;
Web connections are particularly suited to the latency and bandwidth limits of dial-in access to your database;

Web licenses are considerably cheaper than full 4D client licenses; and
There is no need to maintain a 4D client application on the client computer, update it when the server changes and so on. All they need is a TCP connection to the server and almost any web browser.

If 4D's web capabilities interest you and you haven't done so already, now is probably the time to look into the greatly improved web serving capabilities of the upcoming 4D 6.5. Just log into our ftp site< with your partner password, and look in the partners only directory.