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Tech Tip: Troubleshooting 4D Insider crashes
Published On: April 9, 1999

The most common reasons for 4D Insider to crash are:

1) If <4D Insider (Insider) crashes during startup, it is most likely the culprit is a bad preference file. This is especially true if it crashes before a database is opened. This is easily solved by deleting the Insider preference file from the Macintosh System Folder:Preferences:4D folder or from the 4D directory in the Windows operating system directory.

2) If you are running Insider on Macintosh, there might not be enough memory to open the database. Simply assign more memory to the Insider application in the Finder. The Windows version of Insider automatically handles memory issues, however, the Windows version of Insider does have a limit where it can only use up to 2/3 the computer's total physical memory.

3) Sometimes on the Macintosh, there might be a system extension conflict occurring with insider. The easiest way to test this is to restart the Macintosh while holding down the shift-key until the message "Extensions Disabled" appears. Now try to use Insider. If this time Insider does not crash, then you can be fairly sure there is a conflict occurring with a System Extension or Control Panel.

4) Insider crashes can occur when the database is corrupted. If Insider crashes when a database is opened (when an object such as a form is displayed for example), it is possible that the structure file is corrupted. Dealing with datafile corruption is beyond the scope of this tech note. If you are not able to solve this yourself, it might be worth giving