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Tech Tip: 4D 6.5 new default port number with version 6.5 Network Components
Published On: April 9, 1999

4D Version 6.5 network components use a new default port number. Previous to version 6.5, the TCP and ipx network components default ports were 14566 and 1234 respectively. Version 6.5 of the network components uses port 19813 for both TCP and ipx protocols. The new port number is used so that there is less chance to see old network components that are not compatible. Version 6.5 network components are not compatible with version 1.5.x of 4D.

The new port number will create a problem for those running version 6.0.x and 6.5 databases simultaneously with different port numbers. Broadcasts and connections to 6.0.x databases using port 14566 can not be made while using the 6.5 network components on port 19813. To fix the problem all that needs to be done is to change the port number back to 14566 after you install the new 6.5 network components. Once the port number is changed, broadcasts and connections can be made with both 6.5 and 6.0.x databases using the 6.5 network components.

Technical Note 96-56 "Launching Multiple Instances of 4D Server..." (PDF format) has a detailed description of how to change the port number using 4D Customizer 6.0.x.

Chapter 8 of the 4D Customizer documentation describes the different options for port numbers and broadcasting.

Important: As in the past, 4D recommends using the same version of network components for both the 4D Server and 4D Client applications.