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Tech Tip: Imported Groups will not overwrite Designer Groups
PRODUCT: 4th Dimension | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: September 12, 2007

Both Users and Groups created by the Designer are problematic when trying to use the Import and Export functions offered by the 4D Tool Box. These functions do not work with Users or Groups created by Designer, only those created by Administrator.

A side effect of this inability to affect Users and Groups created by the Designer is that any of them which are pre-existing in a database will not be touched when a new .4UG (the file type for saved Users and Groups data) file is imported. Therefore if a Group is imported into a database with a Designer created Group that has the same name the imported Administer created Group will be lost. This is easy to miss, as the Group still appears to be in the database as expected. But any changes that you would expect to have been transferred have not.

This is particularly important for Groups because Designer created Groups cannot be deleted. One suggested solution is to rename Designer created Groups with dummy names and then the Administrator groups and settings can be successfully imported.