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Tech Tip: Managing Client/Server acess control
Published On: April 16, 1999

Using 4D Customizer you can control the way network components access 4D Server. When the ".opt" file is opened with 4D Customizer, three options for access control are available. These options are provided to allow ease of connection and increased security. These options need to be set the same on both the client and server. The following are the options available:

Published Access - This option causes the client, to send published access requests, and the server to reply to published access requests.

- With this option selected the client will not send published access requests and the server will not receive published access requests. Connections must be made by manually entering in the IP address of the server in the connection dialog.

Published Only - Published only forces client to only connect to servers that have published access. The user cannot manually enter a server IP address in the connection dialog.

For more information see Chapter 8 in the 4D Customizer documentation.