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Tech Tip: Using Expansion Packs with Macintoshes without floppy drives
Published On: April 16, 1999
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With 4D Server 6.0.6 "r3" it is now possible to install server licenses (via Expansion Packs disks) even on Macintoshes without floppy disk drives. You can use standard floppy drives or even the Imation LS-120 SuperDisk floppy drive.

However, <4D Server 6.0.6 "r4" does not work with the LS-120 SuperDisk (or any other floppy drive).

If you wish to use 4D Server 6.0.6r4 (which uses a different "diskless" license expansion scheme), you should
Important: It is important to work with the same version of 4D Client as 4D Server in all cases.