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Tech Tip: Redisplaying a hidden User Environment window
Published On: April 23, 1999

Some developers choose to hide the User environment window. This is done by modifying the structure's Window resource in Customizer Plus, choosing the "Constant size" option, and setting the coordinates to the values (0;0;1;1).

If you have done this, there may be times when you would like to temporarily make the User environment window visible again for diagnostic purposes. In 4D V6, there is an easy way to do this. Create a new method that has this single line of code:

SET WINDOW RECT(2;40;510;340)

If you are in the Design environment, switch to the User environment by selecting "User" from the "Use" menu. Select the "Execute Method..." item of the "Special" menu. In the list of methods, select the method you've just created, and click the Execute button. This makes the User Environment window visible again.
The convenience of doing it this way is that the next time you open the database, the User environment window will be hidden as usual, without any need for you to reset its coordinates with Customizer Plus. Anytime you want to make the User environment window temporarily visible again, you can simply run this method from the "Execute Method..." item of the "Special" menu.