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Tech Tip: Transporting Resource files
Published On: May 7, 1999

It is often useful to employ Resource files for keeping auxiliary information for your projects. The flexibility of these files makes them ideal for containing a mix of information your application might need, and which you might need to customize, and it is easy to modify these files without having to recompile your application. 4D provides all the commands you need to manipulate these files, and there are other applications on the Macintosh that can do this as well (such as the free ResEdit from Apple).

If you use external resource files, you may find that you need to move them between a Macintosh and a PC. But you will find that you will get errors from 4D Transporter if you just open these files, choose your settings and click on the OK button, since Transporter expects a .rsr file to 'belong to' another 4D file, such as a structure.

To override this behavior to transport 'just' a .rsr file, hold down the Command key when you click on the OK button to convert the file. This tells 4D to attempt to convert any file, without assuming that it is associated with another file.