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Tech Tip: Using the Mod function to test the iteration in a loop
Published On: May 21, 1999

When writing code for an operation such as printing, it is sometimes desirable to perform an action every number off iterations. For example, if a 15 records are being printed using Print Form, there might be only room for 3 records per page.
There is a simple way of testing to see if a record is the 3rd record on a page using the "Mod" function. The Mod function returns the remainder of the Integer division of a number by another number. So if 7 is divided by 3 equals an integer of 2, the Mod is 1. Mod can be thought of as the remainder. To make Mod work in a loop, just divide the number being tested by the desired iteration.
The example code will print 5 pages with 3 records per page.