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Tech Tip: 4D v6.5 Debugger enhancements
Published On: June 4, 1999

4D version 6.5's debugger has been modified and improved:

  • Additional information is now displayed.
  • Several debugger windows can be displayed simultaneously.
  • The window's current parameters and objects displayed in the expression evaluation area can be saved.
  • The keyboard combination to switch to Trace mode has been modified.

    Additional Information Displayed in Debugger Window

    • Number of locked records - The "Tables & fields" list contains a new line, placed below each table name and above the field list, called "Locked records in [Table Name]". It indicates the current number of locked records in the table.
    • Time used by each process - The time used by each process is now displayed in the process list.
    • Cache Statistics - This list displays statistics regarding the use of records, index pages, and transactions that are loaded in 4D's cache.
    • Selecting and examining portions of text - It is now possible to select a portion of the text in the area displaying the code being executed. When the cursor is placed above the selected text, a tip displays the selected object's value. You can copy text to the expression evaluation area in two ways:
      - Hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac OS) and click on selected text.

      - By using the Ctrl+D key (Windows) or Command+D key (Mac OS) combinations after selecting text.
    • Going from one window to another no longer makes the debug window disappear when many other windows are displayed. Consequently, it is now possible to simultaneously open different windows in the Trace mode. Moreover, if the window that calls the debugger is modal, the debug window also becomes modal.
    • Displaying a new debug window uses the same configuration (size and position of the window, placing of the division lines and contents of the area that expression evaluation area) as the last window displayed in the same database session.
    • The current configuration of the debug window can be saved, so that it will be used by default each time the database is opened. Click the Save button that is in the debugger's control panel or click the F3 key. These parameters are stored in the database's structure file.

    Executing a method in trace mode

    • You can now directly trace a method in the User environment - Click the Debug button in the method execution dialog box after selecting the method name. The Debug button is disabled when the option "On 4D Server" has been chosen from the "Execute" dialog.
    • Shortcut to interrupt a method has been modified - With 4D v6.5 you must use the following new key combinations to interrupt a method:
      Alt + Shift + Right Click on Windows
      Control + Option + Command + Click on Mac OS
      You can then select the process you wish to trace from a pop-up menu which lists all processes being executed. A mark is placed next to the process name in the window in which the user clicked. The processes that were unable to be traced are shown in gray.