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Tech Tip: 4D Internet Commands Requirements for 4D 2004 and 4D v11 SQL
PRODUCT: 4D Internet Commands | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 28, 2007

In order to use the various features 4D Internet Commands you need a number of infrastructure requirements in place. These requirements are:


# 4D 2004 or 4D v11 SQL for Macintosh or Windows.
# 4D 2004 or 4D v11 SQL Internet Commands Plug-in
# an installed TCP/IP Driver -> All operating systems come with one pre-installed in today's world!
# Access to a network that supports TCP/IP
# Access to a DNS Server (Domain Name System) -> This information is normally set and used from your Network Control Panel. It is either normally set statically or provided by a DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).


# Access to a SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) -> If you plan to send e-mail you need access to an SMTP Server that can relay messages to a POP3 Server.

# Access to either a POP3 Server (Post Office Protocol) or an IMAP Server (Internet Messages Access Protocol) -> If you plan to receive e-mail you need access to a POP3 or an IMAP Server to fetch the messages from.

# Access to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server -> If you plan to access and FTP server, you need appropriate log-in information and permissions in order to read, write and delete files from it.

Depending upon your needs, some or all of these items may be required for your end result to work as you would expect.