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Tech Tip: 4D v6.5: The Find Editor
Published On: June 11, 1999

4D Version 6.5 brings a new feature to the design environment called the Find Editor. This new ability to search for a string within the entire database comes from 4D Insider. Instead of having to switch to 4D Insider, searching can be done directly within the design environment. This new ability to search the database can speed development and debugging considerably.

After selecting "Find" under the Tools Menu the Find Editor will display the different objects that you can search. Expressions, variables, tables or field names, form objects, and comments are all searchable. The results of your search are displayed in a list. Clicking on an item in the list takes you directly to the location of the search string. For example, if the string you are searching for is contained within a method, it will be displayed by the Method Editor and the string will be highlighted so it can be found easily.

Although a simple feature in concept, the new Find Editor should make a significant impact on your development efforts.