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Tech Tip: 4D v6.5 Structure Checking
Published On: June 11, 1999

When opening a 4th Dimension version 6.5 database there is a new option to check your structure file as it is opened.

Checking the Structure File:

  • Launch 4D v6.5
  • After selecting the database you wish to open click the ‘ Options’ button
  • Select the checkbox ‘Check the structure file’

As 4D v6.5 opens the database it will check the following components of the structure file and repair them where possible:

  • Resource map
  • Passwords
  • Lists
  • Menu Bars
  • Database Methods
  • Project Methods
  • Pictures
  • Help Elements
  • Tables, forms, etc
  • Looking for lost methods

These checks are the same as in 4D Tools v6.5. They are covered in more detail in the tech tip ‘4D v6.5 Tools v6.5 – New Features’.