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Tech Tip: Web Server Optimization using SET DATABASE PARAMETER
Published On: June 18, 1999

4D's Web Server will spawn processes to handle non contextual HTTP requests. By default each process will not abort for at least 5 seconds after the initial request. If another request is made within the 5 seconds, then the process will handle the request without having to create a new process. If the web process is reused then it will delay again for another 5 seconds.

SET DATABASE PARAMETER has two parameters that can be used to optimize 4D's Web Server. Selector 7, Minimum Web Process, controls the minimum number of processes that 4D will handle during a non contextual HTTP request. This number will define how many processes the web server will manage without any requests. Selector 8, Maximum Web Process, controls the maximum number of process that 4D will handle, regardless of request load.

By default, the Minimum Web Process is set to 0 and the Maximum Web Process is set to 10. By increasing these parameters, assuming there is ample memory, 4D Web Server performance can be increased because a process will not have to be created for each HTTP request.