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Tech Tip: Using the keyboard to navigate in the 4D v6.5 Structure Editor
Published On: June 18, 1999

You can navigate through tables and fields in the structure window by using keyboard shortcuts. Navigating between tables and fields when their property palettes are displayed is also much easier in 4D v6.5. The following shortcuts are available:

Tables and Subtables

[Tab] Selects the next table (or subtable) in the Structure window. The selected table (or subtable) is centered in the structure window and is brought to the front.

Fields and Subfields

[Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] Scrolls up and down through the field list in a table or subtable.

[Home] and [End] The first or last field in the table or subtable is selected.

[Pg Dn] and [PgUp] Displays the next or previous block of fields in table. (See below.)

Click [Pg Dn]