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Tech Tip: Creating a Universal 4DX Folder with 4D v6.5
Published On: June 25, 1999

With versions of 4th Dimension prior to 4D v6.5 you had to create Mac4DX/Win4DX folders for each of your database structures. These contained the plug-ins that were required for each specific structure. In some cases the same plug-in may have been required by multiple databases. 4D v6.5 provides an easy way to implement this: the universal folder.

When installing 4D/Server v6.5 the installer automatically creates a universal 4DX folder, and copies the Internet Commands plug-in into the folder. This folder is placed in one of two locations, dependent on the OS:

• Windows: C:\Windows\4D\Win4DX

• Mac OS: Hard Disk:System:Preferences:4D:Mac4DX

This new folder is completely compatible with the old system, therefore structure specific Mac4DX/Win4DX folders can still be created as required.

You should use the new universal 4DX folder for plug-ins that are required by all your databases and the standard, application 4DX folders for application specific plug-ins.