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Tech Tip: Default Forms Database Property
Published On: July 2, 1999

Occasionally you may create database tables that do not have any associated forms, for example when using a table for storing ID numbers.
When developing such a database 4D will ask you whether you wish to create default forms for these tables (if they have fields defined) each time you switch from the Design to User environment.
4D v6.5 introduces a new database property that allows you to control this behavior: Automatic Form Creation.
This option appears on the first tab of the Database Properties dialog. There are three options on the drop down menu:

• Never: no dialog appears when switching from the Design to User environment. Therefore no default forms are created.
• Ask: presents the standard dialog — you can choose to create forms or not, on a table by table basis. This is the same behavior as previous versions of 4D.
• Always Yes for all: will automatically create default input and output forms for all tables without forms. There is no user intervention.