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Tech Tip: 4D Internet Commands – Opening a TCP Connection on Mac OS
Published On: July 9, 1999

4D Internet Commands is a new plug-in (formerly PDM’s Internet Toolkit) bundled with 4D v6.5. The plug-in provides the ability to send and receive e-mail, upload and download files by ftp and a number of other Internet functions.

You will need to ensure that a TCP connection is open, especially in the case of a dial-up Point to Point Protocol (PPP) connection, before attempting to send or receive mail, use ftp or many other functions.

Executing the function IT_MacTCPInit on Mac OS will load the TCP drivers – an undocumented benefit of this operation is that they will open a TCP connection for you.

If you have configured to connect to the Internet via a PPP (dial-up) connection then one will be automatically dialed and opened. If you have a full time Ethernet connection the drivers will check that the connection is open.

This command has no effect on Windows.