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Tech Tip: Changes to Themes in 4D Ajax Framework 1.2
PRODUCT: 4D Web 2.0 Pack | VERSION: 1.2 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 28, 2007

PLEASE NOTE: This Tech Tip applies to 4D Web 2.0 Pack version 1.2

In the 4D Ajax Framework 1.2, three default themes are loaded in the framework instead of the several loaded before. The three themes are: XPress, Vista, and Mack Daddy. This was done to increase performance.

To modify which themes are available open up the file "index.html" found in the "dax" webfolder. You will see a section for stylesheets indicated by <!-- stylesheets -->. To make a theme available in the framework uncomment it. To make a theme unavailable comment it out.

For the latest information the 4D Ajax Framework please see the Daxipedia: