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Tech Tip: Sending E-mail messages quickly from 4D
Published On: July 23, 1999

4D version 6.5 includes 4D Internet Commands (previously PDM's Internet Toolkit). This plug-in is installed in the new universal 4DX folder and provides you with sophisticated e-mail, ftp and TCP functionality. If you wish to send simple e-mail messages with no attachments you can use the QuickSend function.

SMTP_QuickSend (hostName; from; to; subject; message) -> Integer

hostName - is a string containing the host name or IP address of the SMTP server where the message will be sent for distribution (usually your SMTP server).

From - is a text value containing an AddressList of one or more complete mail addresses indicating who is sending the message. All addresses listed in the From header are visible to the recipients of the message.

To - contains an AddressList value of one or more complete mail addresses. The addresses identified in the to header will each be sent an original copy of the message. Each recipient of the message will see any other mail addresses the message was delivered to.

Subject - is a text value describing the topic covered by the message body. The subject of the message should not contain accented characters such as é, ö, etc.

Message - is a text value containing the body of the mail message. The size of the message is restricted to the 32k limit of a 4D variable or field.