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Tech Tip: Saving the Debugger state
Published On: July 23, 1999

4D v6 saw the implementation of the new style debugger. The new debugger allows you to resize the expressions, call and code evaluation panes. In addition it is now easy to add variables, expressions, fields, arrays etc. to the expression pane to evaluate their values. The debugger remembers the position of the debugger window panes and the expressions while in one database session. However if you quit 4D these settings are lost.

4D v6.5 adds the ability to save the state of the debugger for use in multiple database sessions.

Click the Save Settings button after sizing your debugger panes and placing any expressions that require evaluation.

Even after quitting and launching the database again, the debugger will open in the same position with the same pane sizes, and any expressions will be automatically placed in the Expression pane.