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Tech Tip: Saving the text in a 4D Write area to your Text field or variable
Published On: January 3, 2008
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4D Write areas support saving their contents programmatically as either a picture or a BLOB. Another option that is not offered with a single command (like the WR Area to blob command) is saving the text of a 4D Write area into a text field or variable. Here is a quick code snippet that can be run to save a 4D Write area's text:

$countChar:=WR Count($areaRef;0)
$textVar:=WR Get text($area;0;$countChar)

It is important to note in this case that the formatting of the 4D Write area is not saved in the text variable. Additionally, there is a 32,000 character limit to Text variables and fields if your database is running in non-Unicode mode instead of Unicode mode in 4D v11 SQL. In Unicode mode the limit is 2GB of text.