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Tech Tip: 4D Tools and Segment creation
PRODUCT: 4D Tools | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: February 13, 2008

Needing to have a segmented data file is common for 4D databases. When running a compact, repair, or recover by tags with 4D Tools you need can either pre-define a set number of segments ahead of time, by splitting the data file, or allow 4D Tools to prompt you to create segments as needed.

There are advantages to both methods.

As an example, say you currently have a 20GB data file, and desire 1GB segments:

  • If one pre-defines 20 1GB segments, one can start the process in 4D Tools and walk away (maybe run it overnight) and 4D will start with segment 1 and fill each segment in order until it is finished. The end result is still 20 segments, but some may be unused and therefore ready and waiting to be filled.
  • If one does not pre-define the segments, 4D will create a first segment and then create additional segments as needed. The user is prompted when each segment needs to be created and therefore this approach needs to be attended to. With this technique you may end up with fewer segments overall, depending how much space the compact saved.