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Tech Tip: Creating merged applications with 4D Unlimited Desktop
PRODUCT: 4D Developer | VERSION: 11 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: January 31, 2008

In 4D v11 SQL you can use the 4D Unlimited Desktop license to create merged, single-user applications. The 4D Unlimited Desktop license allows you to create and deploy merged applications from that license.

To use the 4D Unlimited Desktop license, you will need:
- "4D Developer" software
- "4D Volume Desktop" software
- "4D Developer Professional SQL v11" license
- "4D Unlimited Desktop SQL v11" license

You can confirm whether you have both licenses registered correctly by clicking on Help-> Update License. You should see the following:

Assuming you have already done a full install of 4D Developer Professional v11 SQL, you will not need to download any other products. Once the "4D Unlimited Desktop v11 SQL" license has been registered you will be able to create licensed executables of your applications from the "Build Application" dialog.

Here are the steps for using 4D Unlimited Desktop to create an executable from an existing project:

1) Select Start Compilation under the Design menu. The database must compile.

2) Select Build Application under the Design menu. This will open the Build Application dialog:

3) In the Build Application dialog go to the "licenses" tab and use the "+" button to add the "4D Developer Professional v11 SQL" license and then the "4D Unlimited Desktop v11 SQL" license.

4) Now go to the "Application" tab. Under the "4D Volume Desktop Location" heading click the ellipse (...) button:

5) In the Open window, navigate to and click on the "4D Volume Desktop" software and click Open (the 4D Volume Desktop software can be found in the "Deployment" folder which should be located in the same directory as the main 4D Developer application):

6) You will be taken back to the Build Application window and the "Build stand-alone Application" box will now be enabled. Check this box and then click Build.

The advantage of deploying a merged application with 4D Unlimited Desktop is that it does not require users to download any additional 4D software and does not require end-user registration.