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Tech Tip: Changes to macros in 4D v11 SQL
PRODUCT: 4D Developer | VERSION: 11 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: January 23, 2008

Macros in 4D v11 SQL must be well-formed. The 4D 2004 Macro architecture is no longer compatible with 4D v11 SQL. Thus 4D v11 SQL macros are loaded from a folder called “Macros v2”, which can be placed in the former location as well as next to the structure file, inside the “Components” folder, or inside a component itself (next to the component’s structure file).

When 4D v11 SQL is launched for the first time, existing macros are converted to the new format. However some adjustments may apply:

  • Comments starting with // are no longer supported; they must be surrounded by the standard HTML comment tag, e.g. <!-- this is a comment -->
  • The use if angle-brackets <> to reference interprocess variables is no longer supported. The brackets must be escaped with &lt; and &gt;
  • The opening <macros> tag is now mandatory.

PLEASE NOTE: The conversion of 4D 2004 macros will only take place if the “Macros v2” folder does not exist. If the folder exists, even if it is empty, nothing will be converted.

For more information on Macros in 4D v11 SQL please see Technical Note 07-41, "Macros in 4D v11 SQL":