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Tech Note: Google Chart API and 4D Live Window Integration
Published On: January 31, 2008

Please note that the example database in this Technical Note requires 4D v11 SQL.

The Google Chart API is a simple tool that is used to create various charts. The process is very easy for the developer: Choose the data to be graphed, decide what type of chart is needed, apply stylistic changes and pass this information to the API. This can be accomplished in the address bar of any web browser. The data is processed remotely on GoogleĆ­s end. A .png image that contains the requested chart is returned to the browser as quickly as it takes to load the page.

Becoming accustomed to using the Google Chart API all boils down to understanding how to parameterize the URL that is passed to Google. The sample database included with this Technical Note takes this simplification a step further as it gives 4D users a graphical interface with which to apply sample data to the Google Chart API and view it with 4D Live Window.

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