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Tech Tip: Replicated Pictures when converting to 4D v11 SQL
Published On: March 5, 2008

If you convert a database that uses pictures replicated to create a background to 4D v11 SQL you may notice a decrease in performance. The reason is that 4D v11 SQL supports the most current picture formats natively. When processing a small picture that is being duplicated in the background, 4D v11 SQL uses the CPU to process the picture as many times as necessary to cover the size of the background.

The first solution is to increase the resolution of the picture being duplicated to at least 128 x 128 pixels. The picture will use more memory but will save CPU time.

If possible, the best solution is to change the format of the picture being displayed to Scaled. When the picture is being used for a solid background, it should not take any more memory or CPU time to process.

It is also advisable to use SVG pictures as they will render faster.

In addition, with the new native support of picture formats, 4D v11 SQL is now capable of displaying specific features of the different formats (transparent areas, shading, etc.) without any alteration. This means you now have more choices on how to display pictures in your forms.