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Tech Tip: Printing selected area with 4D View
PRODUCT: 4D View | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: April 2, 2008

If you want to print a selected area with 4D View, something similar to Microsoft Excel's command "Set Print Area", with 4D View you have different ways to perform this task. For example in the User Environment, after selecting your printing area, just follow the menu commands "FILE" , "PRINTING AREA", "SET" and "PRINT". Also it is possible to create a routine to do this by using the following 3 commands:

pv select rows(area; first; last; action)

This command selects the area which you want to print. You can select rows, columns or areas .

The parameters are as follows:

  • area this is the id of your selected area
  • first and last are the range (first and last row)
  • action is define by constant and the possible values are 1 for selection add, 2 selection reduce and 0 selection set.

pv execute command(area; command)

This command executes different commands in your selected area. You have at your disposal a range of available commands, which make this command very useful if you want to manipulate your area.

pv print(area)

With this command you print the "area".

Here is an example for printing a selected area "Test":

`Select 3th and 4th row and name it "Test"
pv select rows(Test; 3;4; pv selection set)

` Set the print area
pv execute command(Test; pv cmd print area set)

`Print the selection.
pv print(Test)