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Tech Tip: The Keypad Enter key in the Method Editor
PRODUCT: 4D Developer | VERSION: 11 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: April 2, 2008

The Keypad Enter key serves 3 purposes in the Method Editor.

When the Enter Key is pressed, the following 3 things will take place:

1) The entire method will tokenize.

2) The 4D formatting will be applied to the entire method. This includes correcting the indentation and removing unneeded white space.

3) The syntax for the entire method will be checked. If the current line has an error, it will be highlighted, otherwise the top most line that contains an error will be highlighted. Also, the syntax error will be displayed in the status bar of the method.

Note: The Enter Key is usually found on the numeric keypad, which is different from the standard Carriage Return key. On laptops this key may require pressing the “fn” key along with the Carriage Return key.

For more information see the Chapter 11 in the "4D v11 SQL Design Reference".