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Tech Note: Data Grid Drag-and-Drop
PRODUCT: 4D Web 2.0 Pack | VERSION: 11.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: April 2, 2008

This Technical Note covers the drag-and-drop functionality of the new Data Grid that is available as part of the 4D Ajax Framework v11 Release 1 (11.1). The new Data Grid is a more robust object than the previous Data Grid, as it gives the developer more options and greater control of the data and the data within the grid. The drag-and-drop functionality is built into the Data Grid object and can be used with a few simple commands. This Technical Note will cover the drag-and-drop options that are now available and will walk through the creation of a web page that uses these new options. A sample database is included.

Download Complete Tech Note and Example: Windows | Mac ~22mb