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Tech Tip: Moving Objects From One Database To Another
PRODUCT: 4D Developer | VERSION: 11 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: June 12, 2008

You can now move tables, forms, methods, and more from one database to another via the drag and drop feature. Objects can be moved from the Tool box, Explorer, and Form editor. This replaces the importing and exporting function of 4D Insider.

Follow these steps to move objects from one database to another:
-Run two instances of 4D Developer
-Open the two databases you would like to move objects between
-Drag and Drop objects between the two applications

When an object is moved dependent objects can be moved as well. You can move an entire form, including the objects, the object methods, and even project methods that it calls. Some objects are actually inseparable. The list of objects that can be moved and their inseparable child objects is below:

Movable ObjectsInseparable Objects
Style Sheets
Pictures from Library
Help tips
Project FormsForm methods
Table FormsForm methods
Project methods
Folders / Subfolders
TablesFields, triggers
All form objects (buttons, variables, etc.). When moving a form, all the objects it contains are moved with it.Object methods