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Tech Note: Drag and Drop Data between 4D and Excel
Published On: May 21, 2008
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This Technical Note covers how to implement the new Drag and Drop mechanism as well as the pasteboard functionality in 4D v11 SQL to copy text data between a 4D Listbox and Excel spreadsheet.

As a developer, it will be great to give your customer a way to easily migrate data between a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and 4D. Why is this so important? Microsoft Excel is a broadly used application and many end users are familiar with its functions. Providing the ability to move data between the two applications can increase an end user’s productivity. To help implement such a feature the new 4D drag and drop mechanism available in 4D v11 SQL is used. This new mechanism along with the new pasteboard feature allows copying data between an Excel spreadsheet and a 4D Listbox.

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