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Tech Tip: Using Page 0 (zero) on a Form
Published On: August 25, 2000

Beginning with version 6, 4th Dimension's forms contain a background page. The page number of the background page is zero (0). Objects located in the background page are displayed on each page of the form. You can place any object type on the background page.
If the Create Multiple Pages if Necessary option is selected in the Form Wizard and 4th Dimension cannot make all the fields fit on one page, it will generate multiple display pages to fit all the fields on the form. If the Form Wizard generates multiple pages, it places buttons, the form title, and decorative rectangles on the background page (page 0).

There are 3 ways to display the background page (page 0):
1. Move to the first page of the form and click the Previous Page icon in the Tools palette.

2. Use the Page pop-up menu to move to page 0.

3. Select 0 from the Goto Page submenu in the Form menu or in the Form editor contextual menu.

You can also choose to hide any element located on the background page by deselecting Page 0 from the Display submenu of the Form menu (or the Form editor contextual menu). The Page 0 option shows or hides the objects from page 0 in the form's non-0 pages. This option allows you to distinguish between the objects on the form's non-0 pages and those on page 0.

Note: If you want to use a graphic as a background image, add it to the Picture library and then place it on the back ground page.