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Tech Tip: Images Not Appearing in Contextual Mode
Published On: September 8, 2000
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If you are web serving from 4D in Contextual Mode (perhaps using SEND HTML FILE), and are having problems with Images appearing in the display of the web browser, the first thing to check is the format of your HTML IMG tags. Normally these tags should be absolute links, for example:

<img src = "/name_of_image.gif">

If your HTML tags are absolute (with leading slashes), and the Images do not appear, try removing the forward slash before the file name to make the links relative:

<img src = "name_of_image.gif">

The important thing is to remember that the formatting of links on raw HTML pages can effect the proper display of Images and other embedded objects served from 4D. Experiment with absolute and relative links to allow them to be downloaded properly from 4D and make them appear in the user's web browser properly.