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Tech Tip: Referencing a 'cicn' icon in a menu item
Published On: September 22, 2000

4D lets you display the contents of cicn resources as icons in menu items. The reference to a cicn resource can be used either in the menu item itself or in the command that defines it (INSERT MENU ITEM, APPEND MENU ITEM or SET MENU ITEM).

To display the contents of a cicn in a custom menu item, you need to append a reference to that resource in the text of the menu item (whether it is manually entered or done through programming does not make any difference).

The reference consists of two characters:

- a circumflex accent (^)
This character is to be placed before the actual reference to the resource.

- an ASCII character
This character designates the actual resource ID in accordance to the following rule:
ASCII code = Resource ID - 208
You can use ASCII codes from 49 to 255 which addresses cicn resource IDs from 257 to 463.